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British PM Fast-Tracks Review Into Sex Education Programs In UK Schools

by | Thu, Mar 16 2023

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that his government will fast-track a review of sex education in UK schools.

It follows a concerted campaign by Christian MP and mother of three, Miriam Cates.

The former teacher who was supported by 50 Conservative MPs says British school children are subjected to relationship and sex education that is “age inappropriate, extreme, sexualising and inaccurate.”

Prime Minister Sunak has asked the UK Department for Education to review the materials used in schools.

He says he wants to ensure they do not contain “inappropriate or contested” lessons, which are now compulsory for all children.

Charlie Colchester from the campaign group Let Kids be Kids welcomed the action.

He told Premier Christian News that as a parent, he doesn’t consider current school policies to be appropriate.

He said he is appalled at what he calls the “outrageous” material that’s being used to educate children.

He revealed that Let Kids be Kids “is going to be starting a judicial review against the Department for Education on the grounds that the new arrangements, the new curriculum, the new guidelines are what they call ultra vires (beyond the powers). They are illegal and unacceptable.”

Mr. Colchester added that he wants to see the right of parents to withdraw children from lessons to be restored.

“This is not just about Christians, this is everybody. And people of no faith, by the way, people of goodwill, who are concerned about the innocence of children and want to protect them, and are also passionate about the rights of parents,” he asserted.

UK Children’s Commissioner Dame Rachel de Souza said: “There is no doubt that the duty to protect children from harmful or inappropriate content both online and offline is of paramount importance.”

“But it is just as important that they are given the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the world around them and make sensible, informed judgements.”