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Business Empire Where God Comes First

by | Sun, Oct 30 2022

Hobby Lobby is a multi-billion dollar business empire that runs one of the most popular craft store chains in the US.

Its Christian founder and chief executive David Green takes a Biblical approach to the way he runs the company.

He has written a book about how he does it.

It’s titled Leadership Not By the Book — 12 Unconventional Principles to Drive Incredible Results.

His leadership is actually by the most popular book of all time and its Scriptures.

David Green has always put God first in his business.

He stresses the importance of looking to the Bible to glean inspiration for running Hobby Lobby — a process he has learned to increasingly lean on over the years.

He told Faithwire: “I think there’s not a better way. I think God wants to bless us so we want to do the very best we can to see His Word and see how to run our business.”

Hobby Lobby is renowned for giving away around half its profits to worthy causes as well as its fair wages and for giving employees Sundays off to be with their families.

“Probably the toughest lesson we’ve learned is the fact that we need to know that this is God’s business,” Mr. Green said.

“We had to learn that, when we gave it to Him, that we would see Him bless this business.”

The company founder explained to Faithwire: “Most Christians say that God owns their business but we really had to learn that for real.”

He pointed to Scripture to note how God owns everything.

“We see ourselves as stewards and that is a much, much better place to be.”

Mr. Green and his wife started the business more than 50 years ago in the basement of their home.

It has expanded to hundreds of locations across the US and continues to grow.

The Green family also founded The Museum Of The Bible in Washington DC.

But business isn’t what really matters to its boss.

For David Green that’s the spiritual health of his family.

“The thing that I’m most excited about and I think that’s most important in my life is my children and my grandchildren serving the Lord. That is my biggest success.”