Call For More Pregnancy Support Centres

by | Tue, Aug 2 2022

The Australian Christian Lobby is calling for more pregnancy support centres around the country.

They’d be similar to around 2,500 crisis pregnancy centres across the US which are mostly run by Christians.

Their help includes counselling, ultrasounds and finances.

They outnumber US abortion clinics three-to-one, but don’t get any federal funding.

The ACL’S Wendy Francis told Vision Radio it’s incredibly hard for pregnant girls and women in Australia to get support that isn’t pro-abortion.

“There are many women who are in a situation now who don’t have somebody to walk beside them and you know churches are really key in this. Volunteers actually staff those places and they’re from faith backgrounds because they know that God cares for every single life .. and that’s not just the baby. That’s the mum as well,” she said.

Ms. Francis says women facing unwanted or unexpected pregnancies need more support.

“Women should have full options before they feel like their only option is abortion.”

She suggests government-funded pregnancy centres, where women can get financial support, advice and help in domestic violence cases.

“At the moment there is nothing like that. There are charities and community groups set up, but we don’t have government-funded areas where they can go.”