Campaign To Stop Sex Selection Abortions

by | Fri, Aug 5 2022

The Australian Christian Lobby is calling on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to stop Medicare funding for sex selection abortions.

It’s been revealed that some Australian ethnic communities have a much higher birth rate of boys than girls.

The ACL’s Director of Politics Wendy Francis told Vision Radio there’s a growing trend for more girls to be aborted, and she wants the PM to stop it.

“What we’re calling on him to do is to actually ban sex selection abortions, and the way that he can do that is to defund any sex selection abortions from Medicare. I am very uncomfortable that my tax dollars are financially supporting abortion.”

Ms Francis says even pro-abortion feminists oppose terminations based on sex selection.

The Daily Mail reports the world average is between 102 and 106 males for every 100 females born, but for Indian and Chinese communities in Australia, the numbers are as high as 108.2 and 109.5 respectively.

A 2018 Latrobe University study found it was even higher for first generation migrants.

Lead researcher Dr Kristina Edvardsson said: “When comparing registered births of all first-generation migrants to registered births of Australian-born mothers, we found the number of male births among Indian and Chinese-born mothers was highest.”

‘[Over a five-year period] 122 and 125 boys were born to every 100 girls respectively, if the mother had two or more previous births.’