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Canada Organ Transplants Boosted By Assisted Dying Program

by | Tue, Feb 21 2023

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Seven years since Canada introduced an assisted dying law it has become the world leader in transplanted organs harvested from donors it helped die.

Canadian doctors have performed almost half of the world’s organ transplants from people in an assisted dying program.

They account for 6% of all transplants from deceased donors in Canada.

According to Health Canada data 44% of assisted dying programs in Canada took place at the home.

CTV reports recipients are then transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital to have the procedure completed and their organs harvested.

The Canadian program was originally intended for citizens suffering from a terminal disease.

But the government website indicates that’s no longer the case.

The Christian Post reports that from next month, those with a mental illness as their sole underlying medical condition, will be eligible.

State workers have even been urging others into the program.

There was outrage when a paraplegic military veteran was offered euthanasia after years of requests to have a chairlift installed at her home.

Instead of arranging assistance to help her get up and down the stairs pain-free, the government offered to euthanise Retired Army Corporal Christine Gauthier who competed for Canada at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympics.

She testified to the Canadian Parliament in December that a Veterans Affairs case worker wrote her a letter saying that if she is so desperate, the department could offer her a medically assisted death.

The veteran wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who condemned her ordeal as “absolutely unacceptable.”