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Centenarians Say God Is Key To Longevity

by | Sun, Nov 13 2022

A South Carolina woman who has just celebrated her 107th birthday says her longevity is due to following God and the Bible.

Adell Julie Thompson says she does what the Bible tells her.

She has lived through 18 presidencies, the Great Depression and World War II.

Mrs. Thomson is a mother of three, a grandmother of six, has 14 great-grandchildren and even three great-great-grandchildren.

Other Christian centenarians have also attributed their long lives to God.

World War II veteran Lawrence Brooks lived to be 112.

He said he actively loved God and loved others.

Hester Ford made it to 116, saying she lived for the Lord.

Martha Bailey turned 100 earlier this year.

She told Faithwire: “The secret is the grace of God living in me and me trying to live the best life that I can.”