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Chinese Church Leaders Hiding From Authorities

by | Thu, Mar 18 2021

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Tens of thousands of house church pastors across China have gone into hiding.

This comes as the Communist Party prepares for what seems like a “final assault” on Christianity in an attempt to eradicate it from the country.

According to missions group Asia Harvest, pastors have disconnected from their phones and computers so that government authorities can no longer use those devices to track their movements.

They have also reportedly destroyed the microchips inside their ID cards so authorities cannot track their locations using those devices either.

The Christian Post reports censorship targeting Christians in China has become so severe that pastors are needing to hide their identities

But despite persecution, Christianity is growing in China.

According to the World Evangelical Alliance, the Protestant church has grown from 1.3 million members in 1949 to at least 81 million members today.