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Christian Advocate For Women’s Sport’s World Cup Campaign

by | Thu, Aug 10 2023

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A Christian campaigner against harmful gender ideology is capitalising on the popularity of the Women’s World Cup to push her case to keep biological men out of women’s sport. Binary Australia founder Kirralie Smith wants to highlight that “Football Australia prefers to protect and promote males in female divisions rather than actual females.”

At the same time a New Zealand Christian political party called Family First (independent from the Australian party of the same name) recently flew a banner in the skies above a packed World Cup stadium with the words: What Is A Woman? It took to the air after being denied permission to ask that question on a billboard.

Ms. Smith says the question must be asked for the sake of women and girls everywhere. “We have been asking every minister for women and every level of Australian government the same question since 2019. None have been able to sufficiently answer the most basic, fundamental question in a way that protects or promotes women. Instead, they all fall over themselves to protect and promote males who appropriate female stereotypes at the expense of women,” she stated.

“Women like me who oppose such policies and ask the simple questions: What is a woman? and Why have a women’s division if men can play in it? are threatened with sanctions, penalties and even lawfare!” she added.

Two Apprehended Violence Order applications were filed against Ms. Smith earlier this year for allegedly harassing two individuals, one of whom is transgender, who compete in separate women’s soccer competitions. “My court appearances are rapidly approaching for identifying males in female sporting teams,” she said

“The Australian Sports Commission has persuaded most sporting codes in Australia to adopt their policy guidelines that not only allow, but also protect, males in female sporting divisions. While the world’s eyes are on the Women’s World Cup in Australia, it is a great time to ask these questions,” she asserted.

Binary Australia’s website declares it affirms that “Sex is binary. Male and female. We avow biological truth.” It adds that its purpose is “to push back against harmful gender theory and the aggressive ideological agenda that comes with it.

Founder Kirralie Smith is the  Family Voice Australia 2023 Australian Mother of the Year Award. She and her husband have raised and homeschooled eight children, five of them foster children.