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Christian Flight Attendant Wants Airline Punished For Contempt

by | Wed, Jan 18 2023

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A Christian flight attendant who successfully sued America’s Southwest Airlines for religious discrimination is calling for more sanctions against the airline.

A court ordered that Charlene Carter be reinstated after she was fired for voicing her anti-abortion views.

It prohibited the airline from discriminating against her or other employees.

But Southwest doesn’t mention this in a court-ordered notice on the ruling to its 17,000 flight attendants.

It claims the airline does not discriminate against staff based on religious belief.

CBN News reports a company memo also says it will be the final arbiter on what religious speech is acceptable in the workplace.

Ms. Carter says the airline is misrepresenting the ruling in her case and is calling for Southwest to be found in contempt, given monetary sanctions and ordered to issue corrective notices.