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Christian Ministry Concerned About Erasure of Inner Mongolian Culture

by | Mon, Sep 14 2020

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A Christian ministry is concerned about the erasure of Inner Mongolian culture at the hands of China.

Asian Access President Joe Handley has told Mission Network News, Inner Mongolia is a region in China’s north – not to be confused with the independent country of Mongolia.

He says Inner Mongolia floats between autonomy and less autonomy, and that people there identify more with Mongolia than much of Chinese culture.

Students and parents in the region recently protested a new Chinese policy that would require students to use Mandarin textbooks, rather than learn in Mongolian.

Mr Handley has raised concerns that this eroding of cultural identity and language will also make it more difficult to share the Gospel in a way that best speaks to people’s hearts.

The ministry is asking for prayer that Inner Mongolia will retain its cultural heritage and come to faith in Jesus.