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Christian Nurse Sues Over Sacking For Not Prescribing Abortion Drugs

by | Tue, Jan 24 2023

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A Christian nurse practitioner is suing America’s biggest pharmacy chain after it fired her for refusing to prescribe abortion drugs.

Robyn Strader said CVS had granted her a religious exemption because of her beliefs for more than six years, but then removed the exemption in 2021.

She claimed the new policy effectively denies all religious accommodations without considering the particular circumstances of the employee.

Her lawsuit argues that it is in violation of the Civil Rights Act.

Lawyers for the Texas nurse argue that CVS sacked Ms. Strader because it did not like her pro-life religious beliefs.

They said it was illegal to issue a blanket revocation of all religious exemptions when it is so easy for the employer to accommodate its staff.

The lawyers claimed CVS was sending a message that religious health care workers are not welcome and need not apply.

The company countered that it considers the prescribing of abortion drugs an “essential” service.