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Christian School Banned from Sports Events Over Its Gender Stand

by | Mon, Mar 20 2023

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A US high school has been banned from participating in local sports events because of its objection to transgender players in girls’ events.

The Mid-Vermont Christian School (MVCS) recently forfeited a girl’s basketball game because the opposing team included a biological male player.

That prompted the Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA) to ban the school from all VPA sports events with indefinite and immediate effect.

The principals said MVCS’s refusal to play was against the VPA commitment not to discriminate against a student’s actual or perceived gender.

The Christian school argued that its would-be opponents had an unfair advantage by having a biological male on their team.

It said that allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports sets a bad precedent for the future of women’s sports in general.

MVCS head Vicky Fogg said: “Canceling our membership is not a solution and does nothing to deal with the very real issue of safety and fairness facing women’s sports in our beloved state. We urge the VPA to reconsider its policies, and balance the rights of every athlete in the state.”

Meanwhile, the state of West Virginia has asked the US Supreme Court to make a ruling on who can compete in women’s sport.

The Save Women’s Sport Act was signed into state law nearly two years ago, but has since been legally blocked from taking effect.

It bans biological males from participating in female sports teams at high school and college level.

The law cites differences between men and women that it claims give males an advantage in athletic events.

A federal judge temporarily put a hold on the law on behalf of a transgender student, but then changed his mind and ruled in favour of the state.

The Christian Post reports a Court of Appeals then blocked it again.

If the US Supreme Court takes up the case it could set a landmark nationwide precedent for participation in women’s sport.

However, the nation’s highest court has previously declined to weigh in on transgender rights cases.