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Christian Students Successfully Sue University For Religious Discrimination

by | Sat, Jan 14 2023

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A Christian student organisation has successfully sued a US university for wrongfully refusing funds to host a guest speaker.

A campus apologetics alliance known as Ratio Christi had sought around A$2,000 dollars from the University of Nebraska.

It would pay for an outside academic to give a lecture on the topic “Whether it’s Rational to Believe in God?”

The university refused because it could not promote “speakers of a political and ideological nature” and there’d need to be a speaker with the opposite view.

Ratio Christi which translates as ‘Reason For Christ’ paid the money itself and filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against the university.

The university has now agreed to pay for the academic’s visit plus nearly A$40,000 in legal fees.

The Christian Post reports it will also change its policy on funding student groups to promote diverse viewpoints.