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Christians Rejected As Foster Parents

by | Tue, Aug 15 2023

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A Christian couple is suing the US state of Massachusetts for rejecting them from fostering a child because of their faith.

Mike and Kitty Burke successfully completed hours of training, extensive interviews and a home examination, receiving high scores from their instructors. During a home study they were constantly questioned about their Christian views on sexual orientation and gender with the Burkes insisting they would adhere to their faith and love and accept any child, no matter the child’s future sexual orientation or struggles with gender identity.

But that wasn’t good enough for the state’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) which ruled their religious beliefs about marriage, sexuality and gender made them unsuitable. CBN News reports its home study stated: “Their faith is not supportive,” with DCF officials adding that while the Burkes had strengths, their answers about sexuality and gender barred them from being licensed.

Their legal counsel from religious liberties group Becket Law said the Burkes are the ideal foster family, especially when there’s such a critical shortage of foster carers in Massachusetts which has 1,500 children without a foster home. Many of them are forced to stay for weeks in hospitals.

CBN News writes that the Burkes are distraught over their rejection. “After months of interviews and training, and after years of heartbreak, we were on the verge of finally becoming parents. We were absolutely devastated to learn that Massachusetts would rather children sleep in the hallways of hospitals than let us welcome children in need into our home,” the couple lamented.

Becket Law asserted: “This denial was as unnecessary as it was unconstitutional. Massachusetts law protects the religious liberty of foster parents. And Massachusetts is supposed to put the best interests of children first.”

Vice president and legal counsel Lori Windham added: “It takes the heroic effort of parents like Mike and Kitty to provide vulnerable children with loving homes through foster care. Massachusetts’ actions leave the Burkes, and families of other faiths, out in the cold. How can they explain this to children waiting for a home?”