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Coffee “To Protect Every Beating Heart”

by | Mon, Jul 3 2023

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An innovative American coffee business has donated more than A$150,000 to pro-life pregnancy care centres over the past year

It’s named Seven Weeks Coffee because at seven weeks of pregnancy a baby is the size of a coffee bean. It’s also around the time many mothers have their first ultrasound. The company donates 10% of every sale to pregnancy care centres to support their ultrasound services.

Since opening in late 2021 the pro-life business has attracted 25,000 regular customers while holding to its faith-based mission to promote Godly values and protect every beating heart.

Owner Anton Krecic started Seven Weeks Coffee after volunteering at pro-life pregnancy centres and deciding that he, too, wanted to make an impact in the lives of mothers:

“Pregnancy care centres are the hands and feet of the pro-life movement. They are at the frontlines, helping women in need and defending life. It takes practical resources to meet families at their point of need, and we are privileged to help in a tangible way,” he said.

Mr. Krecic noted that since the reversal of the Roe v. Wade abortion law just over a year ago, pro-life pregnancy centres have come under attack. He told CBN News that’s why he wants to ensure they’re well supported.

He says he and his wife, Christa, a registered nurse, are in the fight for the long haul: “I believe abortion is coming to an end, and I believe we need to be ready to help women who face unplanned pregnancies. That’s why we are here. In my opinion, it’s all hands on deck to fight for life,” the Seven Weeks owner proclaimed.