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King’s Coronation An ‘Unprecedented Opportunity’ To Spread The Gospel

by | Sat, Dec 24 2022

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Christian ministries are mounting a major operation to hand out millions of Gospel tracts during the coronation of King Charles III.

They say the ceremony which will take place on May 6 is an “unprecedented opportunity” to reach the world with the word of God.

Christian apologist and evangelist Ray Comfort’s Living Waters ministry will team up with others like Answers in Genesis.

They will hand out three million tracts to what could be the biggest crowd ever seen in London.

Each tract will include a depiction of King Charles III and information about the coronation and the Gospel.

Christian Headlines reports that during the coronation in Westminster Abbey, King Charles III will publicly make an oath before God to defend the Church of England.

Ray Comfort says the world will witness a service about Jesus, God and the Bible.