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CSIRO Report Identifies Global Megatrends

by | Wed, Jul 27 2022

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A once-in-a-decade report from the CSIRO identifies seven global megatrends, which they see as the keys to challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Megatrends are periods of substantial transformative change, which occur over a number of years and have a global impact.

The CSIRO’s Our Future World, revisits the 2012 version of the report as well as looking ahead to 2042.

The agency’s Chief Executive, Larry Marshall says, Australia must adapt to the trends.

“The seven megatrends are: adapting to a change in climate; leaner, cleaner and greener; the escalating health imperative; diving into digital; increasingly autonomous artificial intelligence; geopolitical shifts; and finally – the most important, because it helps us solve the other six – is unlocking the human dimension,” said Marshall.

The CSIRO website describes ‘unlocking the human dimension’ as: “the elevating importance of diversity, equity and transparency in business, policy and community decision making.”

The data from the reports is now widely used by Australian organisations for policy and strategic planning.