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Documenting Evangelism’s Global Growth

by | Sat, Feb 10 2024

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A young Christian filmmaker has made a documentary film and mini series about how Christianity is thriving in some parts of the world and being challenged in others. 24-year-old Chris Worthington’s production called Multiplied will air as a mini series on streaming services in April and be released as a feature film in cinemas in May.

The Christian Post calls it “groundbreaking” and offering “a new perspective on the state of Christianity worldwide and the power of evangelism at a time when reports of Christianity’s decline and persecution are rampant.”

It shows him travelling across Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and the US to document global evangelism and persecution during the covid years. Mr. Worthington said he found Christianity exploding in some parts of Africa, but while his crew was openly welcomed in most locations, they came face-to-face with danger in Nigeria where more Christians are murdered each year, than in any other country.

“One week before we got to Nigeria, we were informed that a terrorist organisation had killed a pastor and his entire family, and we were doing a 500,000-person Gospel event right there. On the way, we got trapped in a dust storm, so we couldn’t fly and had to go on a really dangerous highway. We met a guy who pulled out a silver Glock [pistol]. I’ll never forget it. He knew who we were. He pointed straight at us, right at my head. I saw the evil in his eyes, and at that moment, I thought, ‘I guess this is where it ends,” the filmmaker recalled.

Miraculously, the gunman didn’t pull the trigger and left the crew physically unharmed. Mr. Worthington observed: “The more you get attacked, the more things go wrong, things that are obviously spiritual warfare, the better you’re doing. So just keep pushing through it, because you’re going to change the world that way.” he said.

Mr. Worthington told The Christian Post he was inspired by Billy Graham’s evangelism. “I watched Billy Graham so much after I got saved that I felt like I knew him. So when he passed away, the power of his life and legacy really hit me. And then I thought to myself, ‘Well, with him gone, what does the future of evangelism look like?” He insisted his focus was not on any particular evangelists, but on an entire generation of thousands of young evangelists preaching the Gospel.

The death of Reinhard Bonnke, a giant in African evangelism, led the documentary maker to his successor Daniel Kolenda and the concept of MULTIPLY  as the new era of evangelism. “God doesn’t change, but He does have a calendar. And I think that we hit a new date on God’s calendar,” Mr. Worthington explained.

He declared his goal with Multiplied was to impact viewers deeply, especially those sceptical about Christianity’s vitality in an increasingly secularised culture. His prime objective was to point people to Jesus. “All of these films that I make, it’s just an endeavor to point people to Jesus Christ. If it’s not doing that, it’s all in vain,” he said.

“It has no meaning if it’s not pointing people to Christ. If it’s not for that, it’ll be burned with the chaff, because the fire comes to everything, to every ministry. The fire is going to come, and it’s either going to just be burned or it’s going to withstand the fire. And the ministries that are going to withstand the fire are the ones who have pure motives that are actually doing it to point people not to themselves, but to Jesus Christ. And that’s why I make any film that I make, to point people to Jesus Christ,” Chris Worthington declared.

Photo: Fathom Events