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Dutch Jews Forced To Hide Their Identity

by | Thu, Feb 29 2024

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A Dutch Christian foundation which provides humanitarian and spiritual support to Jews has been forced to deliver its publications in non-identifiable sealed envelopes. The organisation called Israel and the Bible no longer sends its magazine of the same name in an open package.

Many subscribers including Jewish people feared being targeted following the Hamas attacks in Israel. “These are a sign of the times,” observed one of its journalists Johan Th. Bos.

The editor-in-chief of another publication Nieuw Israëlietisch Weekblad (New Israeli Weekly or NIW), Esther Voet, said she no longer sends out her magazine “openly” every week. “The magazine is now sent in a white envelope. That is the first time, and we have been around since 1865. We are the oldest opinion weekly in the Netherlands. There has always been fear, but we have now had to decide this,” she explained.

Worthy News reports Jewish schools have been closed because police could not guarantee their safety. Jewish residents of Amsterdam were told to remove their stars of David, their kippahs and their Israel flags for their own protection.

The faction leader of the social liberal Democraten 66 (Democrats 66) party, Rob Jetten, stressed it was time to “prevent polarisation in our society. It is a terrible example that a magazine must be sent in a neutral envelope.”