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Elderly Pro-Life Volunteer Shot

by | Sat, Oct 1 2022

An elderly pro-life volunteer has been shot while handing out pamphlets opposing a Michigan referendum to make abortion a constitutional right.

The diminutive 84-year-old woman suffered a shoulder wound, but is reported to be recovering well.

The victim was going door-to-door, urging people to vote “No” in the town of Lake Odessa at the time.

A woman who was reportedly in favour of the proposal became agitated and started yelling at the volunteer.

A 74-year-old man heard the commotion and grabbed a rifle.

He claimed he saw the pro-life campaigner waving her clipboard and went to club it away with the gun.

But it accidentally went off and wounded the volunteer.

The victim managed to drive to a police station to report what happened before being taken to hospital.

If passed, the referendum will allow abortions up to the moment of birth in Michigan.

Girls as young as 12 would not need parental consent for a termination.

The Christian Post reports people without medical training would be able to assist in procedures without being prosecuted.