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Elite US Soldier Turns ‘Ambassador For Jesus’ To Help Out In Ukraine War

by | Wed, Nov 30 2022

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Sergeant First Class Christian Hickey is an elite US soldier helping out in the Ukraine war.

He’s serving as an ‘Ambassador for Jesus’, not for the American military.

The Special Forces Green Beret and National Guardsman felt he had to do something when Russia invaded.

He didn’t plan to fight, but his military superiors voiced concern over his humanitarian mission.

Sergeant Hickey told CBN News God opened the doors for him to go.

He found the Ukrainian troops in desperate need of medics when Tactical Combat Casualty Care is one of his specialties.

Sergeant Hickey taught them the skills they needed to be able to stabilise their wounded fighters.

He describes the Ukrainian soldiers as “absolute heroes” for engaging in a different kind of war than he’s used to.

He says the winter is going to be absolutely tough on the Ukrainian people and fears many elderly people are going to freeze to death.

The Sergeant and his team have vowed to keep supplying them with food and firewood.

“We want to basically be the hands and feet of Jesus,” he says.

“The very strong powerful NGOs who bought all this food don’t have the action arm to actually deliver it.”

“So we’ll take the food and we’ll make sure it gets to the right people at the right place at the right time.”

The elite US soldier told CBN News: “Since I’ve been here I’ve done more along the lines of Green Beret stuff than I’ve ever done in my military career.”

“I’m out here working with the populace, working alongside them, providing them the skills they need, providing them food, providing them water, and helping build them up.”