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Ethiopian Church Defies Persecution And Eviction

by | Tue, Apr 27 2021

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A church in the African country of Ethiopia has resisted persecution from its surrounding community, which tried to drive it out of the region.

The church was forced out of the home that it used for its meetings in eastern Ethiopia, which is estimated to be 98 percent Muslim.

The man who hosted the church was evicted from his home, and no other landlord would allow him to rent their property, following pressure from locals.

But Christian group Voice of the Martyrs says, support from believers outside of Ethiopia helped the group to purchase land and build a small worship space.

It says the church has now grown from 58 members before the persecution, to a congregation of 70.

It says that many of those who persecuted the church have told the believers that they were shocked that the church persisted and held onto its faith.

VOM is calling on Christians to pray for the congregation.