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Family First Candidate Fighting For Christians In Victorian Election

by | Tue, Nov 15 2022

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The revived Family First party is aiming to hold the balance of power in the Victorian Upper House after this month’s state election.

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is openly endorsing its policies.

The party’s lead candidate Lee Jones is standing for the Upper House in the South-Eastern Metropolitan Region.

He told Vision Radio he wants to stop the Andrews Labor government from causing more harm after losing his own job in similar circumstances to Andrew Thorburn who was forced to quit as Essendon Football Club CEO after only one day because of his association with a church:

“After being terminated from a job that I loved doing and was doing well, because of my Christian faith, I understand the cost of not being aware of what’s coming and the changes that are going on in society which mean that the people who are trying to cancel others or bring in these radical policies, they think that they are in essence on the side of righteousness.”

“Having experienced that and seen the sort of cultural changes that are going on, it makes you realise that the prophetic Scriptures that talk about good being seen as evil and evil being seen as good are beginning to creep upon us here in Victoria.”

“So if we don’t stand against them now, it will get a lot worse for people of faith because the harm that is a consequence from those kind of policies will multiply across the most vulnerable in our society.”

“The thing that really compels me to run for Family First is that harm is being done here and now, and we have to do, as Christians, everything we can to stand against it. I have been bitten. I understand the pain, but I realise that if we fail to stand, it will only get worse. And at some point you’ll have to make a decision. Will I incur the pain or will I just resile from my faith and let it go?”

One of Mr. Jones’s policies is to outlaw the opportunity that businesses or government might have to sack or coerce someone to resign because of their religious affiliation.

“We’re seeing increasing hostility that is coming in the form of passive aggressive bullying. In some cases, we’re seeing increasing numbers of people who feel they can’t continue in their jobs because of those situations. There’s a flavour to this state which is becoming extremely dark for people of good faith.”

Family First  would seek to repeal Victoria’s conversion laws and push for a ban on treating gender dysphoric children with puberty blockers, cross sex hormones or irreversible surgery, if elected to the Upper House.

It would also move to protect children in schools from radical gender theory.

“Kids are being taught here that they can choose their gender, which is leading to, we believe, high levels of gender confusion amongst kids. And you see that in the numbers being referred to organisations that work with children with gender confusion,” Mr. Jones told Vision Radio.

”We also want to end the ability of schools to effectively transition your children into a different gender without parental consent of even knowledge,” he pledged.

He added that Family First would also protect the right of Christian schools to hire Christian staff:

“The progressive politicians here in Victoria want to be able to remove from schools and other religious organisations the ability to appoint staff who agree with their ethos. So we need to protect those schools.”