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Father Sues Over Son’s Gender Surgery

by | Wed, Oct 25 2023

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A Californian father has taken legal action against all parties involved in gender transition surgery on his 16-year-old son. Ted Hudacko claimed it was carried out without his consent in violation of a court order.

He’s suing his ex-wife, her lawyer, his son’s lawyer and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) hospital where the surgery took place. He urged a court to find all parties in contempt of court after they went around the court order stipulating that his son would not receive surgery unless he approved it, which he didn’t.

A judge removed shared custody from Mr. Hudacko in 2020, but specifically prohibited any surgical intervention on the boy until he was 18. Mr. Hudacko told The Christian Post the lawsuit was “a clean-up action.” He admitted it was not going to get his son back or restore his health and viability following his high profile case on the twin issues of parental rights and gender surgery for children.

“This is not an accident. This was intentionally done,” the Apple software engineer alleged to The Daily Signal, claiming that: “Each of the citees was aware of the ‘no surgery injunction’ and that they individually and collectively decided to cause the minor child to undergo the gender identity related medical procedure of histrelin subcutaneous implant — a surgery under the acceptable statutory definition and by the UCSF’s own statements.”

The boy underwent the procedure on August 4, 2021, but Mr. Hudacko didn’t find out about it until October 18, 2021. “They easily could have avoided violating the court order. It’s not like this was a lifesaving surgery. This was completely elective, and they had non-surgical options available, but they didn’t choose the non-surgical options.”

The father said increasing numbers of parents have been attending hearings at California’s Capitol to oppose gender procedures for minors. He also noted that some critics of gender ideology have celebrated court rulings upholding Tennessee’s and Kentucky’s bans on transition surgery for children, as well as California Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent veto of a bill that would have required family court judges to consider parental views of gender transition treatments in custody orders, as “signs that the tide has turned.”

But Mr. Hudacko warned that the activists are not slowing down. “I don’t think they’re going to stop,” he said, while underlining that: “This has really upended my family’s life collectively. I wish we’d had the opportunity to figure this out as a family. We would have come up with a better solution than what happened.” He concluded: “The kids don’t belong to you, the kids belong to the state. You’re just there to pay the bills.”

Image: Screenshot – California State Assembly