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Fighting Hatred On America’s Biggest Stage

by | Fri, Feb 9 2024

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The campaign against anti-Semitism will take to America’s biggest stage this weekend. A 30 second promotion will screen during the Super Bowl which is usually the most watched annual television event in the US, with well over 100 million viewers tuning into the grand final of American football on Monday morning Australian time.

The owner of the New England Patriots Robert Kraft runs the Foundation To Combat Anti-Semitism (FCAS) which will fund the TV campaign. It features 93-year-old Dr. Clarence Jones, who helped Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. write his iconic I Have a Dream speech. Dr. Jones has long been a champion of bringing Black and Jewish communities together. He currently serves as chairman of the Spill the Honey Foundation, an organisation that inspires action against racism and anti-Semitism through art and education.

In the promotion, he implores Americans to stand up and not be silent in the face of hatred — “which thrives on silence.” Dr. Jones said in a statement that the Civil Rights movement and the passage of the Civil Rights and Voting Acts would not have happened without the unwavering and largely unsung efforts of the Jewish people.

“The work Dr. Jones has done over the course of his entire life and career is the embodiment of FCAS’ mission to build bridges and stand up to Jewish hate and all forms of hate. In the time we have spent together and through his work, I have become a huge fan of Dr. Jones, and I am proud to spotlight all that he has done for our nation,” Robert Kraft declared.

“With this ad, we hope to continue to spread Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of unity and equality at a time in which the country needs it most and our goal is to reach a wide audience of people and inspire all Americans to stand up together, arm in arm, and fight this horrific rising hate,” he added.

Mr. Kraft founded the FCAS in 2019 to address the rising hate against the Jewish people in the US.  His vision is to stand up against racist and violent rhetoric aimed at the Jewish people through the most easily accessible and most powerful avenue of information in the world today — social media — according to his foundation’s website.

The Patriots owner is often seen wearing a small blue square pin in public. The pin is the symbol of the FCAS campaign. The small blue square represents the 2.4% of the US population who are Jewish. Jews are the victims of 8.7% of all hate crimes and 55% of all religious hate crimes in America.