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Fired For Not Working Sundays

by | Fri, Feb 11 2022

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A Florida delivery service for Amazon has been ordered to pay A$70,000 to an employee it fired for refusing to work on Sundays.

The company scheduled the staff member for a Sunday shift even though he had made it clear he could not work on Sundays.

After he went to church instead, the worker was sacked.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission took up his case and sued for religious discrimination.

The Commission argued that the Civil Rights Act bars discrimination based on religion and “requires employers to reasonably accommodate an employee’s sincerely held religious beliefs.”

The Christian Post reports that 3 years ago, a Miami hotel dishwasher was awarded A$30 million in punitive damages after being fired for refusing to work on Sundays.

That was despite always swapping her shifts with co-workers.