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Foot-and-mouth Fragments Detected in Australia

by | Wed, Jul 20 2022

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Viral fragments of a highly infectious livestock disease have been detected in imported supermarket products.

The pork products from China tested positive to foot-and-mouth disease, during routine retail surveillance in Melbourne.

A passenger travelling from Indonesia has also been intercepted with a beef product which contained viral fragments.

Agriculture Minister Murray Watt says, it shows our bio-security systems are working.

“This does not pose a threat to human health, and importantly – despite this – Australia does remain foot-and-mouth disease-free,” said Mr Watt.

“And that’s because we seized these products, tested them, and it turned out that they did have those viral fragments in them.”

The fragments detected were not ‘live’ viral fragments.

It is also not the first time fragments have been detected in imported meat products this year.

Another layer of protection is being rolled out in an attempt to prevent the disease entering Australia.

Passengers landing from Indonesia will be required to walk across foot mats to sanitise the soles of their shoes.

The mats will be installed at international airports this week – starting with Darwin and Cairns.

An outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Australia would cost our economy $80bn, and decimate our livestock industry.