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Secret Generosity Of A Caring Farmer

by | Sun, Apr 2 2023

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It was only after the passing of an 80-year-old farmer that his Alabama community learned about his generosity.

Hody Childress had been helping many residents pay for their expensive medications.

Every month for 10 years he would give the local pharmacist hundreds of dollars to cover the bills of those who couldn’t afford them.

His only instructions were to keep his involvement secret and to tell the customers it was “a blessing from God.”

Christian Headlines reports Hody’s giving was prompted by the loss of his wife and son decades earlier.

As he became more frail, his daughter took over delivery of the money to the drugstore.

She had been unaware of his kindness.

His legacy will live on in the town of Geraldine and even much further away.

His family has pledged to maintain his monthly contributions.

But other donors have been prompted to top them up and the fund is already four times what it used to be.

As news of Hody’s generosity spread, it spurred good samaritans in other US communities and around the world to set up funds to help locals who are doing it tough.