Gospel For Asia Bringing Hope To “Cursed” Widows

by | Sun, Oct 4 2020

Gospel For Asia is bringing hope and help to widows in poverty stricken countries around the world.

In some countries, widows are considered cursed and blamed for their husband’s death and subsequently shunned by the other villagers.

For these widows, there is no future and no hope, and many expect to live out their days alone in poverty.

Danny Yohannan from GFA told One News Now, everything is taken away from them, their property, their rights and their honour.

One particular area of focus for GFA are the West Bengal Islands, which has become known as “Widow’s Island”, with the number of husbandless wives stretching into thousands.

Mr Yohannan says many of these women have been forced into begging and prostitution, but GFA is helping to change that by sponsoring 40 all-female teams to provide counselling and vocational training.

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