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HK Pastor Jailed Over ‘Seditious’ Book

by | Wed, Mar 29 2023

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A Hong Kong pastor has been jailed for eight months for promoting what is officially considered ‘seditious’ content.

Pastor Allan Keung who founded Free HK Media and two others pleaded guilty to selling a ‘seditious’ book at a Lunar New Year fair.

Police said the book promoted Hong Kong independence and “incited others to use violence and flout the law to overthrow the central authorities and the government.”

The territory’s rulers recently revived a colonial-era sedition law that prohibits the incitement of “hatred, contempt or disaffection” against the government.

Critics argue it’s being used in conjunction with the Beijing-imposed National Security Law to prevent free speech and legitimate comment on the Hong Kong government.

A court ruled that the book risked creating a resurgence in public unrest following the 2019 Hong Kong extradition bill protests, with content that “sympathised” with campaigners and protest slogans.

Pastor Keung from the Christianity Mission in Hong Kong was active in providing prayer and support to protestors during the anti-government demonstrations.

He famously used a saline solution to wash away tear gas from the eyes of protestors.

A further three people arrested in relation to the book have yet to be charged.