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Israel May Make Immigration Much Harder

by | Fri, Jan 27 2023

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Israel’s new government is considering making it much harder to immigrate to the Jewish State.

Under the country’s current Law of Return people with just one Jewish grandparent can move to Israel with a non-Jewish spouse and children.

Worthy News reports that could soon change to allowing only children with a Jewish parent to ‘make Aliyah’.

Israel’s new far right religious coalition government wants to strengthen Jewish dominion and control of Israel.

It’s concerned more than a million Israeli citizens do not identify as members of any major faith.

Most of them arrived from former Soviet republics.

Jewish American and Zionist organisations have warned Prime Minister Netanyahu that any change could cause a rift between Israel and Jews in the diaspora.

Millions of Americans of Jewish descent could be impacted.

No formal commission has been set up to examine possible changes.