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Israelis Warned Of Safety Threat In Australia

by | Thu, Dec 7 2023

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Israel’s National Security Council (NSC) has warned its citizens of a “potential threat” to their safety in Australia. It has urged Israelis to reconsider non-essential travel to dozens of nations and upgraded its threat warnings for scores of others, including Australia.

The upgraded travel advisory follows a series of pro-Palestinian protests across Australia in the past two months following the Hamas attacks on Israel on October 7, with some specifically targeting Jews. The Times of Israel reported that the NSC upgraded Australia to a threat level of 2 which is classified as a “potential threat” under its travel warning system.  It also recommended “increased precautionary measures” for all Israelis travelling Down Under. “We advise that those staying in this country exercise increased precaution,” the warning for Australia reads on the official NSC website.

The advisory urged Israelis who must travel to “shorten the length of your stay to the bare minimum” and “avoid openly displaying signs of your Israeli identity.” It recommended that they avoid attending protests and rallies, and that they stay alert at all times. The Daily Declaration noted that under the latest warnings, Australia poses a greater danger to Israeli citizens than the nations of Colombia, Cuba, East Timor, Mexico and even North Korea, all of which remain at threat level 1, indicating “no travel threat”.

The Christian news outlet adds that the updated advisory caught the attention of Sky News hosts Caleb Bond and Sharri Markson who agreed that “you can’t blame” Israeli authorities for issuing the upgraded travel warning against Australia. “Look at how the families of the hostages and those killed in the October 7 attacks were treated at a Melbourne hotel last week,” Ms. Markson lamented. Mr. Bond reminded viewers that the “ugly and disgusting” displays of anti-Semitism in Australia began as early as October 8, when crowds were heard shouting “Gas the Jews” from the steps of the Sydney Opera House.