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Joe Biden Launches Abortion Campaign

by | Thu, Aug 31 2023

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The US presidential election is still 14 months away, but it’s already clear that abortion will be a significant issue. President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign has just launched a A$40 million advertising campaign criticising Republicans’ pro-life policies.

The Christian Post reports it will target swing states on television and across social media. The theme is that Donald Trump and his Republican rivals are the last people who should be making decisions about abortion. The ad titled These Guys will be rolled out for 16 weeks.

The video concludes with the narrator assuring viewers: “President Biden and Vice President Harris are determined to restore Roe v. Wade and they will never allow a national abortion ban to become law.”

Pro-life groups noted that the ad failed to put any limit on when the Democrats would restrict terminations. Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser lamented: “President Biden is spending millions of dollars on campaign ads attacking his Republican opponents on abortion. Tellingly, Biden’s ad never states a single limit he would support — not even to protect babies from brutal late-term abortions after they can feel pain, a standard over 70% of Americans including many rank-and-file Democrats favour,” she observed.

The Christian Post reports that Ms. Dannenfelser recalled how “Biden used to embrace commonsense limits on abortion based on science” before expressing disgust that “he and his party are now fully in lock step with the radical abortion lobby position of abortion on demand at any time, for any reason, paid for by the taxpayer.”

“Women want to hear the president’s plan to ensure they can access tangible resources, including financial help, so they never feel forced into unwanted abortions,” she asserted. “Will Democrats support critical relief for mums like the Providing for Life Act? Or will they continue to demonise pregnancy crisis centres and other life-affirming nonprofits while pushing pills and surgery as a cure-all instead? This callous ‘solution’ of killing the child fails to address many of the core problems experienced by pregnant women.”

The advocacy organisation CatholicVote also criticised the ad. The group took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to claim that the president is doubling down on his “extreme” abortion campaign pledge. “A Catholic president supports destroying innocent lives for any reason, at any time, paid for by taxpayers,” it tweeted. “Zero restrictions includes late term abortions, aborting babies that feel pain, even killing babies that survive an abortion. Women deserve better than to be used as a pawn in a political campaign.”