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Key Issues For American Christians

by | Wed, Oct 26 2022

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An evangelical pollster has found economic issues like petrol and energy prices and inflation will have the most impact on Christian voters in the US mid-term elections on November 8.

George Barna found they will influence believers more than cultural issues like abortion and religious freedom.

He said that even among the most deeply religious Americans a greater emphasis was placed upon the personal impact of governance choices and public policies.

More than 60% of respondents viewed inflation and the rising cost of living as the major factor in their vote.

The Christian Post reports half of those surveyed considered crime, policing and personal safety as the only other significant factors.

More than 40% cited abortion and the right to life plus the quality of public school education as possible influences on their vote.

Just under 40% mentioned national morality and changing values and religious freedom as potential issues for them.

Respondents with a Biblical worldview ranked abortion and religious freedom in their top five most important election issues.

Latest national polls give the Republicans a chance of regaining control of both Houses of Congress.

They’re predicting a ‘red tsunami’ in the House of Representatives.

Republican leaders are optimistic they’ll gain at least one more seat that’s needed to control the Senate.