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Last US Troops Exit Kabul

by | Tue, Aug 31 2021

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The last American plane has left Afghanistan, bringing an official end to the United States mission in the country.

A combined effort from western countries has seen more than 113,000 people rescued since August 14.

The Americans are the last of the Allied forces to leave ahead of today’s deadline.

US General Frank McKenzie has reflected on two decades of conflict.

“Tonight’s withdrawal signifies both the end of the military component of the evacuation, but also the end of the nearly twenty-year mission that began in Afghanistan shortly after September 11th 2001,” said General McKenzie.

“It’s a mission that brought Osama Bin Laden to a just end along with many of his Al Qaeda co-conspirators”.

US President Joe Biden has drawn heavy criticism from both Republicans and Democrats for the way his administration has handled the Afghanistan withdrawal.

The Taliban is now in possession of around $83 billion worth of weaponry – including guns, ammunition, vehicles, drones, helicopters and other aircraft left behind by the US Military.

The UN is calling on the Taliban to honour its promise to allow Afghans and foreign nationals safe departure from the  country.