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Lord’s Prayer In Eye Of A Needle

by | Sun, Feb 12 2023

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An English artist has engraved the Lord’s Prayer onto a speck of gold inserted into the eye of a needle.

76-year-old Graham Short is renowned for his microscopic artwork but he wants his latest creation to be his signature piece.

That’s despite creating micro-artworks relating to other religions.

His miniscule prayer consists of 273 letters with each only half the width of a human hair.

Mr. Short’s work is so intricate that he has to take medication to slow his heart rate while he’s working with a microscope.

He also tapes a stethoscope to his chest so he can engrave in between heartbeats and routinely has Botox injections.

Faithwire reports he mostly works at night because there are fewer vibrations from the traffic.

Photo: Courtesy of Graham Short