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Notification To Vision Family

by | Wed, Aug 30 2023

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Vision Christian Media has released the following statement to reassure every Vision stakeholder about the protection of their data:

‘This is a public statement to update and reassure our Vision family followers, listeners, and donors’.

‘There have been news reports of late regarding an increase in cyber attacks on various Australian organisations’ servers and subsequent database leakages. Recently, some of these have involved nonprofit charities where data was stolen from external call centres. One charity in particular shares a similar name to Vision Christian Media. It is for this reason that we would like to take his opportunity to reassure our followers that we have not had a cyber-attack or any security breach of our data.’

‘For your peace of mind, we would like to reassure you Vision goes to great lengths to proactively put in place the industry’s best measures for security and protection. We take the privacy of our followers very seriously. We do not share our database with external call centre services. Our call centre and all ministry communications are managed by our own internal staff and are regulated and managed by our strict governance policies and cyber security measures, as well as adhering to all industry codes of practice and government regulations.’

‘When we undertake postal mailouts, we work with a very reputable external mail house that is a recognised leader in their field. As such, they also have strict internal security measures and protocols in place to protect their customers and manage our relationship. Amongst many confidential safeguards, this also includes deleting all data after each and every specific mailout.’

‘While no one is safe from attacks, we act as wisely and prudently as we can, and pray for the covering and protection of the Holy Spirit.’

‘Thank you for your prayers and support.’

Vision Christian Media