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Miracles Day Gives Sight to the Blind

by | Thu, Aug 6 2020

Sixty-five million people worldwide suffer from cataract blindness.

CBM Australia and Vision Radio are joining together today to give the gift of sight to people living in impoverished countries who are dealing with cataract blindness.

The operation takes just 12 minutes and restores more than just eyesight.

CBM’s Alison Dean has told Vision Radio one simple act of kindness this Miracles Day can restore the livelihood of those who are suffering.

“Sixty-five million, it’s just such a huge number, but it is the one person and that one cataract that you can help today, and you can provide that gift of sight – it will last a lot longer than just a day,” Ms Dean says.

“That’s a gift for life, really.”

Each year CBM international performs 600,000 eye operations.

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