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Missionaries Provide Oral Bible Translation Amid Mass Illiteracy

by | Sun, Nov 22 2020

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Illiteracy remains a major problem around the world with two thirds of the global population unable to read, not reading, or refusing to read.

These statistics impact heavily on the spread of Christianity, with those outside the Church unlikely to ever pick up a printed copy of the Bible.

The Spoken Worldwide mission is hoping to reach communities around the world with oral translation and delivery of Scripture, having already launched five projects this year.

Ed Weaver with Spoken Worldwide told Mission Network News, while audio is a straight reading of the text, oral Scripture uses the spoken word but includes idioms and slang.

This method creates a natural delivery — the way people use their language in a local culture.

Oral translation is faithful to the original text with theologically qualified people meticulously reviewing every step of the oral translation and presentation process.