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Nearly One Third Of Americans Have No Religion

by | Wed, Jan 31 2024

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The number of Americans who are totally non-religious has nearly doubled over the past 16 years.

A new survey shows that 28% of Americans would check the NONE box if asked to indicate their religious affiliation, compared to 16% in 2007, according to Worthy Christian News. The survey was conducted by the respected Pew Research Center in August last year with more than 11,200 respondents who are members of Pew’s American Trends Panel.

According to the study, the NONE box in the religion category on American society is now larger than both the CATHOLIC box (23%) and the EVANGELICAL PROTESTANT box (24%). Most of those who ticked NONE said they were raised in a religious setting, “usually Christianity.”

Out of the 3,317 people who responded NONE, 658 (20%) claimed they were atheists, 678 (20%) said they were agnostics and 1,981 (60%) described their religion as “nothing in particular.” More than two thirds (69%) were under the age of the 50. Only 29% totally rejected the idea that there is a higher power of some kind. Nine out of ten never attended any religious services.

“Not only have they shaken off religious labels, they also have largely shaken off involvement in churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious organisations. Many also bring up criticisms of religious institutions or people, including 47% who say that one extremely or very important reason why they are not religious is that they dislike religious organisations,” Pew said in its report.

Forty-three percent of the NONES claimed religion does more harm than good in society while 41% said religion does equal amounts of good and harm.