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New Church And Shrine Rises From The Rubble Of The Twin Towers

by | Sat, Dec 10 2022

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A New York church which was destroyed in the 9/11 terror attacks has reopened to the public.

It took more than two decades to complete the new St Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine following years of delays due to lack of funding and building permits.

The original church was destroyed when it was buried beneath the rubble of the Twin Towers.

The new church will also serve as a memorial to the 2,996 people who died in the attacks.

It’s in an elevated park overlooking the rebuilt World Trade Center’s Memorial Plaza.

The Associated Press reports it’s designed in the style of historic Byzantine structures like the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul with a central dome flanked by towers.

Th A$140 million church is covered in marble from the same Greek quarry which supplied the Parthenon’s stones.

At night its dome shines like a beacon through translucent marble panels.

The iconography inside depicts scenes from the day of the terror attacks painted by a Greek monk.

They include boats sailing to rescue people fleeing the destruction and Jesus Christ greeting first responders at the Resurrection.

Reverend Alexander Karloutsos who was a key player in the church project explained: “This is the first icon you will ever see in the Orthodox tradition that includes contemporary scenes for the Resurrection.”

He told Fox News it symbolises “reconciliation, forgiveness, hope and our aspiration for human dignity”.

Presiding priest Father Andreas Vithoulkas said: “It means so much. It’s such a source of pride and joy for the Greek Orthodox being able to once again have this jewel box built here on Ground Zero in the middle of the World Trade Center.”