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Newly Spirit-Filled Christian Forcibly Taken To Psychiatric Hospital

by | Thu, Feb 9 2023

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A high school principal who was last year named the best principal in the state of Alaska has suffered public humiliation after a life-changing religious experience.

Mary Fulp was forcibly and unlawfully taken to a psychiatric hospital after posting about being filled with the Holy Spirit on social media.

The highly respected educator published several videos about her radical encounter with God and speaking in tongues.

In total the videos ran for about four hours and some people close to the principal expressed concern for her well-being after they went to her home and she didn’t answer the door.

One called state troopers to request that they conduct a welfare check on Ms. Fulp because he had concerns for her mental health.

State troopers are effectively the police in Alaska.

“They determined that the adult female was not exhibiting signs of grave disability from a mental health issue and was not likely to cause serious harm to herself or others and therefore did not meet the conditions for emergency detention,” a troopers spokesperson said in a statement.

Five hours later, someone else called 911 stating they had a signed order from a judge to involuntarily commit Ms. Fulp to the nearest mental health evaluation facility for psychiatric testing and treatment.

The Associated Press reports the school principal broadcast what happened next live on social media saying: “I’m getting taken to the hospital for claiming that Jesus is King and claiming that I stand with the Martin Luther King civil rights movement.”

“So, I would like this to show up in the news and for this to go viral because I am the 2022 Alaska Principal of the Year who loves Jesus with all her heart.”

The troopers escorted Ms. Fulp to a hospital where she was held for three days and allegedly injected with psychotropic drugs.

It took more than two days to discover the judge’s order was bogus.

The troopers had been shown a fake and never thoroughly checked its authenticity.

Alaska’s Commissioner of Public Safety was forced to issue a public apology, acknowledging that the troopers had no authority to remove Ms. Fulp from her home or force her to enter a medical facility.

The principal has engaged lawyers to sue the state over her treatment and its violation of her civil liberties.

The lawyers stressed that at no time did Ms. Fulp pose a risk of harm to herself or others.

They said their client should have never been forcibly placed into a mental health facility as it was clear there was no court order and no judicial finding.

“She spent days in a cold dark mental health hospital room, during which time staff breached her federally protected rights by disclosing their “opinions” as to her circumstances to individuals who did not possess any authorisation to receive her federally protected private mental health information,” they said in a statement.

“This traumatic experience is a free citizen’s worst nightmare, and this broken system has caused her, and her children, inexcusable and immeasurable harm.”

Charisma News writes: “The freedom to worship and testify about one’s faith and the workings of God in their life is central to the founding and uniqueness of America.”

“But when an award-winning principal, who publicly shares how the Holy Spirit has filled her heart and she received the gifting of tongues, is summarily detained by law enforcement against her will, it shows something has shifted in the spiritual atmosphere of America.”


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