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Latest Evidence About Where Noah’s Ark Finally Came To Rest

by | Sat, Jan 28 2023

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A new documentary updates the ongoing quest for definitive proof that Noah’s Ark came to rest near Mount Ararat close to Turkey’s border with Armenia and Iran.

Noah’s Ark: The New Evidence is a film by Trey Smith from the God in a Nutshell Project.

He breaks down the latest clues, signs, messages, history and science that the Ararat Mountains site is the resting place of the ark.

Charisma News reports it was first spotted by Turkish pilots who noticed a distinguishable boat-shaped formation.

Later investigations found the boat outline matched the dimensions of the ark in the Bible.

The filmmaker uses the latest technology to analyse underground scans up to seven metres deep.

Trey Smith explains in his film: “What we’re looking at on the screen here is they’re beginning to find what many feel are grid-like patterns.”