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NSW Accused Of Directing Palliative Care Funding To Assisted Suicide

by | Wed, Oct 4 2023

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The New South Wales Labor government is being accused of ‘silently’ slashing money for palliative care while bolstering funds for assisted suicide.

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) reports the Minns government has quietly withdrawn $150 million of funding for end-of-life patients to receive palliative care.

The ACL says the majority of these taxpayer dollars have been re-directed to support the implementation of voluntary assisted dying (VAD) laws which is due to commence on November 28..

ACL State director Joshua Rowe lamented: “The withdrawal of funds from dignifying care at the end of life is a heartbreaking development. More, not less, funding should be directed towards care that upholds the sanctity of life, allowing end-of-life patients to experience a dignifying death with their loved ones.”

“The advent of greater funding being directed towards euthanasia in NSW will only further impact on the many families who believe that state-sanctioned suicide is unethical. With less funding available for end-of-life care, the expectation on doctors and nurses to participate in, and even initiate the discussion of, the administration of euthanasia only increases, forcing many to have to reconsider their career on moral grounds.”

He asserted: “Precedence must be given to funding care that upholds the sanctity of life, rather than a procedure that seeks to extinguish life”.

The ACL has called on the NSW Government to prioritise increased funding for dignifying end-of-life care and to reconsider the implementation of VAD laws.