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Nurse Could Lose Job Over Gender Views

by | Thu, Sep 29 2022

A Canadian nurse is facing a disciplinary hearing before a medical board that could result in her losing her licence to practice.

Single mother Amy Hamm publicly supported author J.K. Rowling’s views about the harm gender identity ideology inflicts on women and children.

The Vancouver nurse is the founder of the Canadian Women’s Sex-Based Rights — a non-partisan organisation that advocates for women and acknowledges the biological reality that there are only two genders.

She regularly writes articles on this theme.

Ms. Hamm has faced several hearings before the British Columbia College of Nurses and Midwives which has been investigating her activities for the past two years.

The college is seeking to determine whether the nurse has made “derogatory statements” about trans-identifying people.

It concedes that the case is about Ms. Hamm’s “off-duty conduct.”

The college claims it’s not seeking to restrict her right to free speech, but argues that making “derogatory statements’ while identifying as a nurse poses a problem.

Her lawyer noted that in her 10 years as a nurse, not one patient had complained about her professionalism.

The Christian Post reports in 2017, Canada’s Senate passed a bill adding protection of gender identity and expression to the Canadian Human Rights Code.

Critics noted that it enables authorities to fine or imprison people whose beliefs run contrary to the law.

World-renowned Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson told a Senate committee that the bill was an unprecedented threat to freedom of expression.

“We will seriously regret this,” he tweeted after the bill was passed.