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Outrage Over Queensland School Guidance

by | Sun, Jul 31 2022

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An internal guidance document for dealing with gender diverse students in Queensland state schools reportedly says pupils can now choose to use any toilet they want.

The Department of Education document is not available to parents, but concerned teachers have leaked copies to the Australian Christian Lobby.

The ACL’s Wendy Francis told Vision Radio she was shocked by its content.

“Children are allowed to use the toilets and change rooms that align with the gender they identify with. That is just rock solid. Your children are allowed to use any toilet or change room that they want to, if they align with that gender. Principals are not even allowed to ask children to use unisex toilets unless all students are also directed to use those unisex toilets … which is just madness.”

Ms. Francis also says girls could be sleeping next to biological boys on school camps, and schools are under no obligation to inform their parents.

The ACL’s Queensland Political Director Rob Norman said the document appears contradictory at times.

He points out it says: “There is a legal requirement … that public records are made and kept accurately. A student’s sex is required to be recorded so that the information can be supplied to the Australian Government Department of Education. 

But on the same page it states, “There is no requirement for formal school documentation … to record the student’s legal name and sex.”

Mr. Norman added that: “Recent examples of Australian schools introducing gender-mixed toilet facilities have been slammed by parents as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘a disaster waiting to happen.’ Children’s rights are best protected when their parents/caregivers are kept fully informed regarding every aspect of their education.”

The ACL is calling on the Queensland Department of Education to release the guidance document for public response from parents without delay.