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Schools Hide Student Gender Identities From Millions Of Parents

by | Wed, Mar 15 2023

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At least three million American public school students are enrolled in districts where they can change their gender identity without parental consent.

That’s according to education policy strategist and political commentator Angela Morabito who authored a study titled Pills and Pronouns: School Districts Require Parental Consent for Over-the-Counter Medicine But Not New Names and Pronouns.

The Christian Post reports it was released by the Defense of Freedom Institute for Policy Studies. 

Ms. Morabito who’s a former US Department of Education press secretary for the Trump administration writes that “parents cannot assume schools will respect their rights.”

She noted that whenever “schools keep a child’s assumed identity a secret from the parents, they drive a wedge between parents and their children.”

Ms. Morabito said that in most cases, the same school districts that allow students to decide their gender, banned their staff from dispensing over-the-counter medication to students without parental permission.

“These policies imply that children who are not yet mature enough to decide when they need an aspirin, are mature enough to decide whether to go through the school day as male, female, or something else entirely,” her report reads.

“These harmful policies are by no means limited to big-city districts. Every parent should inform themselves of policies in their school district and speak up if schools are willing to conceal major information from them about their own kids,” she warned.

Ms. Morabito said some school districts had official policies in place requiring parental consent before staff can address children under the names and pronouns of their new gender identity.

The Christian Post reports that residents of a Maine school district recently voted to dump two school board members who supported a policy allowing school districts to conceal students’ chosen gender identities from their parents.

The policy would have permitted students to use opposite-sex bathrooms and required school employees to use a child’s new name or pronouns, even if their parents requested them to address the pupils by their legal name and biological sex.

Last April a pair of Massachusetts parents filed a lawsuit against public school officials whom they alleged had encouraged their children to identify as the opposite gender without obtaining their consent.

The judge dismissed the lawsuit but called the school district’s policy on gender changing students “imperfect” and “flawed.”