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US Pastors Offering Alternative Events To ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

by | Mon, Nov 28 2022

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Some American church leaders are now offering Pastor’s Story Hour at local schools and libraries as an alternative to the growing number of Drag Queen Story Hour presentations targeting children.

Reverend Michael Foster had campaigned to stop the LGBT events without success.

So he booked a space to read stories with Biblical messages to kids at his local library in Ohio.

“I thought you know what, we should just do our own, we should just go to our libraries and do a really good job at telling good wholesome Bible stories,’” he explained.

Reverend Dale Partridge did the same thing at his Arizona library, reading from his own published children’s book called Jesus and My Gender which reflects the traditional Biblical view of gender.

He believes a pastor-led children’s story reading is a counter-cultural move.

The Washington Times quotes him as saying: “I just think that the church has essentially checked out of the political, cultural sphere. We’ve essentially reserved or sidelined our faith to just the church or home life. I think that we really do need to get back to what I would say is a culturally engaged [ministry].”

“While Christians are good at doing church stuff, they need to get better at doing culture stuff.”

CBN News reports a Tennessee university recently cancelled drag shows because of “disturbing” content that targeted minors and mocked Christians.

The state’s lawmakers have introduced a bill to ban drag queen events for children.

A recent Rasmussen Report survey found 60% of American adults, including most parents of school-aged children, don’t believe Drag Queen Story Hour events are appropriate for young audiences.