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Petition Seeks To Reduce Down Syndrome Abortions In Western Australia

by | Fri, May 26 2023

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A petition to Western Australia’s Legislative Council is seeking to reduce the state’s large number of late term abortions of babies with Down Syndrome.

Last year, 71 of the 76 late-term terminations approved in WA were on the grounds that the baby was suspected of having Down Syndrome.

The petition notes Premier Mark McGowan has pledged to “modernise’ the state’s abortion laws to “make safety, privacy and dignity, an absolute right.”

It calls for any amendment to current laws to ensure that commitment also applies to babies suspected of having Down Syndrome.

It also appeals to the government to affirm that WA is a state that has compassion for both pregnant mothers and unborn children.

The Australian Christian Lobby is urging all WA believers to sign the petition.