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Poll Shows Strong US Support For Israel

by | Fri, Oct 27 2023

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A significant new poll shows the American public rallying firmly behind Israel as it responds to the mass killing of civilians by Hamas. It reveals slightly less support for the US getting involved in the Gaza war.

The Wall Street Journal/Ipsos poll found 42% of Americans backing US support of lsrael. That’s the highest level of US support for the Jewish state in more than 20 years. 52% responded that Americans should not take either side while just 3% believed they should support the Palestinians over Israel.

38% approved of US troops going in to help Israel if it’s attacked by its neighbours. That number rose to 45% if Iran attacked Israel and 60% if the US was part of a multinational force to enforce a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

The poll found a large majority of Americans (75%) report having a favourable opinion about the Israeli people, while just over half (55%) report having favourable opinions of the Israeli government. Half (51%) have favourable opinions of the Palestinian people. Seven percent have a positive view of Hamas.

Almost half of Americans (46%) believe the US is doing the right amount to help Israel. The remainder are divided equally between believing the US is doing too much (25%) or not enough (24%).

Opinion is more divided on US involvement in helping the Palestinian people with 38% saying it’s doing the “right amount,” 33% saying “not enough,” and 24% saying “too much.”

About half of Americans agree that the US has a responsibility to “support Israel in its war with Hamas” (52%), “push parties in the Israel-Gaza conflict to negotiate” (53%), and “protect Israeli civilians” (54%). Two in five (41%) say the US has a responsibility to “protect Palestinian civilians” and one in four (28%) say the US has a responsibility to “work towards Palestinian statehood.”

A bipartisan group of American Senators recently went to Israel to pledge their government’s strong support.

CBN News reports they committed to give Israel everything it needs to defend the Jewish state.